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Poems By Axton Dash


(Acrostic Poem dedicated to the King James Holy Bible. Written by Axton Dash)


Book I Believe for Life Everlasting


Book In-which Bountiful Love Exists


Believe In Book, Live Eternally


Book Is Bread of Life Everlasting


Baptized In By the Lord Emmanuel


Beautiful Invitation to be Blessed Loved and Edified


Believed In By the Lord’s Elect


Beautiful Inspired Blessed Lovely Eternal

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“For we are also his offspring” - Poem.

(A Poem about being the children of God. Phrase: “For we are also his offspring” quoted from Acts 17:28 KJV)


From the foundation of the world, God knew we would believe

God’s beloved Son, The Word, he knew we would receive

In repentance, and faith we submit ourselves to God

We believe upon Jesus, whom we give all laud!


The Son obeyed the Father, in such a way that I could not do

Even the blood shed at Gethsemane was shed for me and you

The Son poured out his love on Calvary’s cross

That’s the reason God’s children are no longer lost


Like sheep everyone of us have gone astray

But Jesus is our great Shepherd, for He is the only way.

When just one of us wanders, he stops everything

He seeks us out “For we are also his offspring.”


The God of Israel, He is the One to whom I run

He teaches us through Jesus, His only begotten Son

God gave us his Holy word, for it is clean seed

The vine of our fruit “For we are also his offspring.”


God is our strength, our refuge, and shelter

He is a very present for The Holy Spirit is our helper

God is our Father and Teacher, He gives all things

He chastens us as sons, “For we are also his offspring.”


God gave us his Spirit to comfort and help

Yet all our infirmities cannot compare to the pain that Jesus felt

During hard times we can hide under God’s wings

He loves us as children “For we are also his offspring.”


My soul cries Abba Father! Because thou hast adopted me!

I was an orphan from thy grace, but you would not let that be

You gavest me Jesus, even life everlasting!

Now I give thanks to God! “For we are also his offspring.”


We will all be changed one day, in the twinkling of an eye

As the sons of God, through Jesus we will never die

We are saved by God’s grace, we praise and we sing

We have inheritance of a King! “For we are also his offspring.”


Brethren, praise God! For we have been born again

Praise God, for in Heaven, we will never mourn again!

Abide in faith, God’s blood makes us clean

God lives in us “…For we are also his offspring.”


In glory with Jesus, one day I’ll be seen

We are the sons of God through faith

“…For we are also his offspring.”

© Poetic Audio. All Rights Reserved.

God Wins!

(Poem about God winning all our battles. Written by Axton Dash)


Every battle every war, God always wins!

When you’re down and out

And you’re at you’re wits-end

Remember God wins!


If you’ve had enough

And if you ever feel like giving in

Just remember God wins!


If you have those doubts and concerns

Every now and then

Just remember God wins


When you feel like there’s no hope

And there’s no one to defend

Well, you’re mistaken, God always wins!


Though you’re tired and persecuted

Again and again

Be patient beloved, God always wins!


When the enemy huffs and puffs

And tempts you to sin

Call upon Jesus, because God always wins!


When all have forsaken, even your friends

Keep believing the Word because God still wins!


When something is fighting against you deep within

Get your sword, The Bible, God always wins!


Remember Jericho, You see God wins!

Remember the parting of the Red Sea, God wins!

Remember David versus Goliath and those mighty men?

Our God is Almighty, Our God always wins!


Remember the cross of Jesus Christ

When the devil tried to win

Well, Jesus was raised from the dead

So Shout Amen! God wins!

© Poetic Audio. All Rights Reserved.


All is Thine
(Poem dedicated to God in honor of his power. Written by Axton Dash)

O’ Lord, Creator of all space and all time
I considered thy works and now I know all is thine

Thou hast created all light, for thou art light
Thou hast even divided the bright day from the night
There is a firmament thou created amidst the waters
So intelligent art thou God, my dear beloved Father

Thy waters receded, and then appeared dry land
Thou created every blade of grass and every grain of sand
All the trees yielding fruit, all the fruit yielding seed
Every season we see is all thanks to thee
And all those twinkling twinkling little stars
I used to wonder, but now I know what they really are!

When I observe the evening and behold the morning
I behold a story, the heavens declare thy glory
Fowls in the air, cattle in the field, and whales in the sea
Thou created Adam, thou created Eve, and thou also created me

As I gaze through my window, I’m often amazed
Everything I see and see not, I know thou didst create
I worship thee O Lord, and not thy creations
Thank you for thy grace and instructions to salvation
All was made by The Word, according to John chapter 1
And The Word is Jesus, thine only begotten Son!
All is thine, all is thine O’ Lord, even my praise!
I’m just a vessel, I’ll bless your name while I’m still above the grave
What things on this earth I thought were all mine
I stand corrected, now I know all is thine!

© Poetic Audio. All Rights Reserved.

From Darkness to Light

(Poem about the light of God’s word and salvation. Written by Axton Dash)


My heart was heavy, I wandered in sin

Those were my darkest hours

But the word of God shined bright as the Sun in my life

It was only by His power!


Conviction went deep confronted with this light

It was then that I knew that no body does right

All have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory

But Cross of Jesus Christ is the core of this story


Holy and innocent, Jesus walked the Earth that he had made

He kept every law that I broke, every single day

He healed the sick, gave sight to the blind

He was God in the flesh, but men deny all the time


Bruised and crucified, for me He bowed down his head

He was buried, but three days later, God raised him from the dead!

Perfect sacrifice! God’s only begotten holy Lamb

Atonement for sin, the scars show in his hands

Alleluia! Salvation! All death has been conquered!

Believe in his word and you will be an overcomer


Take heed! Jesus is the only way

Harden not your heart, believe God’s word ton his day

He destroys all the wicked, but he builds up the poor

Humble yourself! Jesus gently knocks at the door


He brings with him the Spirit

He brings with him the Father

He brings to you the gospel

Will you be born again this very hour

Receive him by faith, Be baptized in his word

His word is quick, it is truth, and yes it is preserved


O’ Holy Bible, the book wherein is my faith

Thou hast driven my unbelief so very far away!

Now as the morning light breaks through my window

So does Joy break through my heart

Father, give me love for those today who are still captive by the dark


Share the love of Jesus who died for the whole world

Let us tell every man, every woman, every boy and every girl!

Let us rejoice when we see King Jesus return in the cloud!

Thank you Father God! To you I praise out loud!

© Poetic Audio. All Rights Reserved.

Call Upon His Name - Poem

(Poem to encourage all mankind to call upon the name of Jesus)


Saved by grace, I’m no longer lost

Jesus is the only way and only Jesus paid the cost

On the cross he died for me and suffered so much pain

I’m undeserving because his loss became my gain

Faith in his word is forever my proclaim

That’s why still today, I’m not ashamed of his name:


Jesus, Emmanuel, High Priest, Prince of Peace

Alpha and Omega, Advocate, Mediator

Son of God, Son of Man, The Amen, The I Am

Redeemer, Anchor, Teacher, Saviour

Bread of Life, Living Water, The Lord, Everlasting Father

The Word, Holy One, I can go on and on!


Call upon his name all who want life

He casts away the night and he gives us his light

Call upon his name, oh children of men

He loves us so much and will forgive us our sins

Oh, our sin can’t be cleansed by ourselves nor our works

You must believe on Jesus and receive a second birth

Confess your sins to God and believe the crucifixion

Believe in Jesus and believe the resurrection


Christ’s blood atones, Christ’s blood atones!

It was proven on Calvary and when they rolled away the stone!

Christ is alive and he gave the world his love

Will you trust him now? One day he’s coming back to judge!

Will you be ready? Are you saved in white attire?

Today is the day to be saved from eternal hellfire!


Repent and believe if you’re a stranger from God’s mercy

Ask for living water if you’re tired and if you’re thirsty

Christ freely gives, and he is rich with love and grace

Call upon his name and with your heart give him the praise!

© Poetic Audio. All Rights Reserved.

Right Now

(A poem about a tough time I’m going through. Written by Axton Dash)


I’m in a tough time right now

Uncertainty and unknowns are mine right now

I got my pen and pad, I want to rhyme right now

Some people making mountains, I gotta climb right now

Their slander and their gossip come to mind right now


Right now, all I can see is a trap and a gin

Right now I’m wondering, how did I fall in?

Right now everything’s running-a-muck

Is there a way out or am I just stuck?

It all keeps building up

There’s a tremble in my gut

Can anyone relate?


I take a nap and then it’s morning

Right now it’s raining, no, it’s pouring!

Dark clouds are steading forming

I see lightning, now it’s storming!

The I cry out: “HELP ME LORD!”

I’ll confess all iniquity if there is any that is with me

These trials and tribulations are hard

But, “This I know, my God will never let me go…”


Soon enough Bible verses come to thought

They sooth, they teach, they really help me a lot

With the water running through my faucets

I’ll ponder these topics

Ephesians chapter 6: about the spiritual warfare

1st Peter 5 verse 7: because I know God cares

Deuteronomy 31 verse 6: because I trust him, he will not forsake

Back to 1st Peter chapter 1 verse 7: there’s a trial of my faith

Can anyone relate?


The purging is just for a moment

I’m still a Christian, I’m just growing

And groaning, crying out, yet knowing

God is in control, northing is too hard for him


If my enemies hate me, just let it be because I love him

Jesus is still the way, the truth, and the life

This world is not my home…

I’ll be patient until I make it to the other side

The Lord be magnified!

Here’s where my faith resides:

In God’s holy word, so I know one day I’ll be revived


No matter the outcome of this season on Earth

I’m still saved and that has no monetary worth

So Right now, oh enemy of mine

I forgive you and I’ll still be kind


I’ll just bless if you curse

I’ll give you water if you thirst

Right now , and right now I pray for your soul

I understand, you’re still in darkness

And that’s why you’re so cold

I pray you’ll trust Jesus, I pray that you’ll get saved

You’ll know God’s marvelous light

And right now, my storm has turned into a beautiful day!

© Poetic Audio. All Rights Reserved.

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