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ME: Born and raised in Houston, Texas. Born-again by the word of God. I'm married to Purple Rose (featured in some songs) and I'm dada to an amazing kid. I desire to point others to the gospel of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ because he saved my soul and without Him there is no me.
MY MUSIC: I started writing poems and song when I was a kid. Most of my music is all written arranged and performed by myself.  I've written hundreds of songs through my life, but I destroyed much of it that was produced before I got saved. My unique style covers many genres and I try to have a good message in each of my songs. 
MORE IMPORTANT THAN ME AND MY MUSIC: If you are not saved (born-again Bible believing Christian), then I  urge you to repent TODAY and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ. The word of God, the Holy Bible is TRUTH. Please do not reject the truth and spend all eternity in hell. Click on the picture to the left to learn more.



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